5 Common Mistakes Property Owners & Managers Make When Paving

5 Common Mistakes Property Owners & Managers Make When Paving

It’s no secret that paving is a significant pain for property owners and managers. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive to those living in the area. If you are considering paving your property, there are many things you should know before doing so. This blog post will discuss five common mistakes people make when they pave their properties. After reading this post, you will be better informed and better equipped to deal with the challenges that arise during paving projects.

1) Inaccurate Budgeting 

Paving a property can be pretty expensive. You should accurately set the budget for the project before starting the project so you know how much to spend on materials and labor. Discussing your budget and possible costs with professional contractors like C&J Construction in Orland Park, IL, will help you considerably with budget planning.

2) Miscalculating Job Duration

The time required to pave a property varies depending on size, traffic patterns, weather conditions, etc. If you don’t take these things into account when setting your timeline for paving, you will likely end up with an inaccurate finishing date, resulting in some significant problems down the road like missed deadlines, budget overrun, etc.

3) Lack of Planning

Paving is not a project that you can complete in a short time. It could take two to three weeks of preparation (depending upon the site condition) before you can start the actual paving work and then another few days later for clean-up, depending on how big your job was.

Planning for a paving project involves checking the weather conditions, ensuring ample resources, deciding the pavement materials you prefer, etc. 

4) Underestimating the Costs Associated with Paving

In addition to miscalculating the job duration mentioned above, other costs associated with paving may come as a surprise if you don’t consider them initially. This includes things like asphalt, aggregate (gravel), and other construction materials, etc.

5) Choosing the Wrong Pavement Contractor

An inexperienced contractor can ruin the entire project and leave you with never-ending future repair costs. When searching for a contractor, choose an experienced and insured company with a good reputation in the industry.

It is also essential for the contractor to have all the resources and equipment required for the paving project. Many contractors inflate the prices of their services by calling for supplies mid-way during the paving process. Property owners can avoid this scenario by demanding that the contractors assemble the required materials before paving.

You can locate reliable contractors by consulting close relatives and friends who have recently gotten paving done, or reading reviews of pavement companies on the internet.

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