5 Reasons To Consider Experts For Your Asphalt Paving Project

5 Reasons To Consider Experts For Your Asphalt Paving Project

While paving your road, parking lot, or any other surface, you may be tempted to DIY the project to save time and money. Asphalt is a very affordable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly material as it can be recycled. It is a popular option for paving a variety of surfaces. Many people in Orland Park, Illinois who do try asphalt paving DIY projects eventually wish they had opted for professional help.

Here are 5 reasons why experts like C&J Construction should be the ones to handle your asphalt paving needs:

1. Experience & Skill:

Professional asphalt paving companies have years of experience under their belt. This experience gives way to expert knowledge regarding the materials, the time frame, and the budget. They are in the best position to make recommendations and advise on the state or local law requirements.

2. Design Excellence:

Whether your asphalt paving project is a road or parking lot, professional asphalt paving companies are qualified to provide the most efficient design for a professional finish at the best price. For example, they would consider aspects like drainage to ensure the longevity of the project.

3. Saving money in the Long Run:

Availing the asphalt paving services of a professional company works out to be a long-term investment that saves you a lot of money. Skilled work leaves minimal room for errors due to professional execution. With DIY or unskilled people, there is always the risk of miscalculation, which can evolve into problems causing damage, leading to repair costs.

4. ADA Compliance:

Many people are not aware that paving parking lots should be in line with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. Professional asphalt paving companies will ensure your parking lot is ADA-compliant for concerns like:

  • The number of accessible parking spots
  • Accessibility to buildings from the accessible parking spots
  • Installation of ramps and rails for people with disability
  • Proper dimensions for the accessible parking spots
  • Signages

5. Reduced Liability Risk:

A poorly constructed road or parking lot is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Imperfections like uneven asphalt paving, potholes, and cracks are all faults that can increase the likelihood of wheel and tire damage. People can also get injured by slipping or falling. Professional asphalt paving companies will prevent these by providing quality paving work and any repair and preventive maintenance work, like filling in cracks, patching potholes, and clearing out debris.

Asphalt paving companies can also inspect your property periodically and fix any issues covered by your contract.

Unless you are confident that you have the professional experience to pursue an asphalt paving DIY project, it would be a smart choice to engage the expert services of an asphalt paving company.

If you want your paving contractor to be considerate, professional, and budget-friendly, look no further! At C&J Construction, we use premium materials to build durable asphalt surfaces for our commercial clients across Orland Park, IllinoisConnect with us today to know more about our quality services!