Causes Of Damage Seen On Concrete Surfaces And Flatwork

Causes Of Damage Seen On Concrete Surfaces And Flatwork

Concrete degradation usually occurs due to structural damages caused during the installation process or heavy traffic load, which eventually leads to the formation of cracks. You can easily spot the signs of deterioration on the concrete surfaces with the naked eye.

That’s why experts strongly advise property owners to implement preventive maintenance measures on their paved surfaces. A comprehensive pavement maintenance plan can significantly decrease concrete repair costs and save you from the hassle of scheduling frequent unplanned maintenance and emergency repairs.

While concrete requires relatively little care, it is most vulnerable to wear and structural deformation due to inadequate installation techniques. Thus, property owners and managers should make sure to hire only experienced, professional contractors for your pavement projects. C&J Construction in Mokena, IL, is an expert in concrete pavement installation.

An immediate repair plan is needed even if you spot a small crack on the surface. Otherwise, the crack will quickly deepen, allowing water, dirt, and debris to seep under the surface and damage it further.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of damages that can occur in concrete flatwork and surfaces. However, before we dive into the details, you should know that concrete can sustain damaged by fire, aggregate expansion, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching, physical damage, and chemical damage.

The chemical damage occurs from carbonization, chlorides, sulfates, and non-distilled water seeping under the concrete surface, compromising the surface performance and condition.

Also, various forms of defects in concrete systems may include splitting, crazing, blistering, delamination, dusting, curling, blooming, scaling, and spalling. These defects can be due to several factors.

Fortunately, all these damages are controllable if they are addressed as soon as they are observed.

Main Categories of Defects in Concrete Structures

Causes of failings in concrete structures can be generally categorized as:

1. The structural deficiency results from design errors, loading criteria, unexpected overloading, etc.

2. Structural flaws due to construction defects.

3. Damage due to fire, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc.

4. Damage due to chemicals.

5. Damage due to marine environments.

6. Damage due to abrasion of granular materials.

7. Movement of concrete due to physical pressures.

Performing a proper analysis of the concrete damage is the first step to determining the best course of action. So, don’t jump too quickly to replacing your concrete, as a much easier and cheaper concrete restoration solution could be a better option.

Prevention and diligent repairs are essential to ensure that the concrete surfaces’ performance is not compromised in the first place. Proper concrete installation is necessary, and high-quality polishing work on top of that can also go a long way towards shielding surfaces from degradation and decay.

Whether you’re evaluating damage to an existing surface or working on polishing a newly installed concrete pavement or flatwork, C&J Construction has the tools, machinery, and technical knowledge you need to handle your concrete preparation with confidence in Mokena IL.

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