Deciding On An Asphalt Rehabilitation Method For Your Damaged Pavement

Deciding On An Asphalt Rehabilitation Method For Your Damaged Pavement

Pavement rehabilitation, also belonging to the maintenance & repair category, is a major activity across Illinois since increasing traffic volumes result in highways & pavement reaching their distress points sooner than expected. Rehabilitation involves a series of corrective & preventive asphalt surface treatments that reinforce the pavement against load-triggered distress and weathering elements.

Imagine rehabilitation as AA for your pavement because these treatments ensure a longer life for the pavement while ensuring it fulfills its purpose. Though there are a multitude of repair, maintenance, and patching techniques, it gets confusing what to ask for from expert paving contractors in your locality, so we are here to help!

Cracked Asphalt?

Depending on the crack depth and intensity, you may need a mere seal coat to restore the oils in the dried-out pavement or a crack filler treatment. Severe fatigue failure that shows up as alligator cracking may require full-depth repairs. All this adds to the protection of your pavement against any surface run-off that can trigger freeze-thaw cycles, especially with the winters coming.

Crumbling Pavement?

That is a sure sign of raveling due to excess wear & tear and deteriorated drive course. The loose aggregate can cause issues with skid resistance and even become a breathing hazard from the dust spurred up. Asphalt paste patches are ideal for driveways, but an asphalt overlay is best suited for intensive projects to curb the crumbling, followed by timely surface treatment to preserve the top course. Compaction is a crucial step.

Dug Out Holes?

Potholes are exceptionally harmful to your vehicle suspensions and might even damage the chassis or the underbody if they are too deep. They usually emerge as an advanced stage of pavement failure that has eaten through all the asphalt courses right down to the soil base. Depending on pothole depth and asphalt paving temperature, you can do a cold patch, an in-place hot patch, or a semi to full depth asphalt patch. Then proceed with the heated rollers and schedule surface treatments for the appropriate times.

Slippery Pavement?

Everyone likes a smooth surface, but as long as it does not provide sufficient traction, you need to take steps to texturize it. If not, it might be a smooth layer of excess asphalt on the top that needs to be milled away. If the pavement is slippery during rain, then you may have to rehabilitate via re-grading the slopes to allow for run-off and reduce hydroplaning.

If you have concerns regarding the health of your asphalt pavement and need to get it back to its former operational glory, C&J Construction offers the best asphalt repair & rehabilitation solutions in New Lenox, IL. We even provide excavating services to build pavement courses and install the necessary drainage to ensure your asphalt is not only grand new but stays that way for long.

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