Fun Digging: The Essentials Of Winter Excavation Projects

Fun Digging: The Essentials Of Winter Excavation Projects

Seasons come & go, but site preparation is one of those essential construction steps that can make an excuse over a bit of brought weather. Excavation during winters is among the most seemingly simple yet challenging tasks in construction, especially when the temperatures are that low in Tinley Park, PA. It is even more difficult when the wind picks up, and the construction team is up to their neck with thermal wear & frozen ground.

Fortunately, there are ways around winter ground excavation, and C & J Construction has had enough experience to last them a lifetime of more successful excavating projects. Otherwise, nothing would ever get built!

What Is it Like Excavating in Winters?

The first issue is the cold. The second issue is the frozen ground. Contrary to popular belief, the ground is only frozen for the first couple of feet and then gives way to the softer excavatable soil. Breaking through the frozen topsoil takes its toll on the equipment and machinery. The risk of damaging equipment and stressing out the machinery often results in replacement parts and prompt maintenance, so it gets costly. Conclusively, winter excavation projects take longer to complete, but a well-equipped & experienced excavating team might manage the project on schedule.

Equipment Matters a Lot

To get past the frozen soil into the harder layers underneath, equipment & their excavating attachments matter. But the way the equipment is applied matters even more. A colossal excavator may present brute force and large dig-out capacity, but it can’t operate in limited space, so a smaller excavator is used. Of course, this increases costs and project time, but space is king.

The issue of choosing a capable excavation team is also of prime concern. Resources & spares are required on standby to ensure the machinery remains operational without much downtime. Unanticipated events like flurries or winter gales can further complicate matters. Ensure that the contractor you hire is insured, has a local portfolio, and a successful run before you hire them.

The Pros in Winter Excavation

Winter is the least busy time of the year to begin a construction project unless there are ambitious clients in the area. Since there are so few excavation projects, a construction permit is easily obtained.

Another benefit may sound odd, but the prospect of having to deal with snow is far better than having to deal with the summer heat and rain. The heat would make the work unbearable, and the rain would just halt operations to protect sensitive equipment. Rain also adds a lot of unanticipated tonnage to the soil, which can stress excavators further. And wet soil is a pain to handle, leading to cave-in & slippage hazards.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that contractors are more available in winters and will be less likely to breeze through the excavation project at the risk of sacrificing quality. The weather is manageable; the soil holds its shape; the only effort required is breaking through the frozen soil.

Also, there is a fair chance that only a contractor with sufficient experience in winter excavation will rise to the challenge.

Schedule Your Winter Excavation Project with C & J Construction

C & J Construction are your capable & experienced excavation experts in Tinley Park, PA. The weather is cold & dandy, and based on the benefits above, you should start with us for quality delivery of excavating projects.

Since drainage is such an essential part of excavation & site preparation, we can tempt you with storm sewer installation, and don’t forget us when your project calls for asphalt or air-entrained concrete flatwork.

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