How To Avoid Getting Scammed On An Asphalt Resurfacing Contract

How To Avoid Getting Scammed On An Asphalt Resurfacing Contract

The easiest method to take advantage of desperate customers seeking quick asphalt repair at the end of the year is to pull an asphalt resurfacing job scam on them.

Asphalt resurfacing involves replacing part or whole of the wearing course of asphalt pavement with fresh or reclaimed material or a protective coat. The procedure consists of milling the top layer before adding the new asphalt layer.

Playing the Resurfacing Asphalt Scam Out

A client, usually the rector of the local church, is approached by a seemingly good Samaritan referring to some asphalt paving contractor just ‘over there’ who has some left-over asphalt from a previous job and is offering to repave the driveway at a reasonable price. The client happily agrees, and the work commences on a verbal agreement. Instead of an asphalt miller, the contractor’s team proceeds to uproot the driveway using hand tools and begin resurfacing, only for the asphalt to run out. The team offers even more low-priced asphalt to be paid for in advance, pockets the cash, and skips town!

Another scam involves ‘good cop – bad cop’ tactics to negotiate a higher resurfacing price halfway through the job. Without a signed contract, the client has no choice but to agree or risk an unsightly pavement.

The meanest resurfacing scam out there is when a legitimate contractor installs a thinner layer of asphalt than what is standard to save on material. The remaining material they use to scam someone else. The profits are pocketed & the client knows no better until they call the same ‘trusty contractor for maintenance, in a vicious cycle of repeated asphalt failure.

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How Can You Catch Such Scams?

If you have a paving contractor turn up at your door, that is a red flag in itself unless they provide verifiable credentials & have a legitimate local presence. Lack of protective gear and no coordination between the contractor team members is another indication. If their tactics turn aggressive, call the local police authorities.

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Resurfacing Scams?

  1. Insist on a signed contract with conditions and relevant paving particulars stated.
  2. Ensure you are provided with a free quotation and cost breakdown of the overhead expenses.
  3. Inquire about a local operating permit or license.
  4. Try to get a look at their equipment. If there is a rusty truck towing in the row behind them, it’s probably a scammer.
  5. An honest contractor will let you verify their business via references.

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