How To Budget Your Concrete Flatwork Efficiently

How To Budget Your Concrete Flatwork Efficiently

What is concrete flatwork? It is the process of laying concrete on a fixed flat area to produce concrete slabs. It is widely used for commercial parking lots, loading docks, and storage facilities. Concrete is a highly durable material but can be challenging to handle during the process of pouring and drying.

C&J Construction in Tinley Park specializes in the installation process of concrete flatwork for all types of properties.

In this blog post we will shed light on the process of budgeting for a concrete flatwork project. It is integral to calculate a budget before beginning a project as a budget usually determines how quickly the project will be complete, what material and equipment are required along the type of skills that need to be hired.

The following are some important factors you need to consider in order to budget your concrete flatwork efficiently. 

Size Analysis

It is important to analyze the area or property that needs concrete installation. The larger the area, the more concrete is required, and also the cost of concrete will increase or decrease accordingly. Knowing the size of the property will give a clear direction for the next stages of budgeting.

Quality of Concrete

Concrete comes in different qualities just like any other construction material. Cheaper concrete will be less expensive but may not be long lasting. On the other hand, better-quality concrete may be expensive but would have a longer life. Local suppliers of concrete can provide you a quotation once you communicate the project specification and location details. Choosing the type of concrete would solely depend on your preference considering the cost and then budgeting accordingly.

Miscellaneous Costs

A few extra costs should be allotted in the budget during the planning phases beforehand:

Cost for extra site work

If the surface is not leveled, an extra expense would occur for site work to make the surface suitable for the structural load. The same goes with the scenario if you are placing concrete over soil, you will have to prepare the surface for the concrete.

Cost to finish concrete

Different finishing concrete techniques vary in cost from each other. Broom finish, exposed aggregate finish, stamped concrete, and salt finish are some of the finishing techniques that can be allotted to the budget according to preference.

Adding color to concrete

While concrete flatwork is supposed to be simple, yet there are few construction firms such as C&J Construction that can make customized solutions for clients who desire color options for a better visual appeal. This would be an additional cost that should be added to the budget if this is a requirement of the client.

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