It’s Time To Winterize Your Concrete Surfaces!

It’s Time To Winterize Your Concrete Surfaces!

Do you dread the thought of getting out to shovel snow again and again? Have you noticed cracks in your concrete surfaces that weren’t there before? If so, it’s time to prepare your concrete surface for the winter season. The following tips will help keep your concrete surface looking good and staying strong during the upcoming cold season.

1) Patch and Repair 

If the concrete slabs show signs of damage, then it is the right time to repair them; repair cracks and holes with specially made concrete patching compound before they get bigger. This is important for minor crack repairs because water will seep into the tiny cracks if left untreated, causing more damage. Remember to remove any loose concrete from around your foundation walls so you can apply the new mortar on top of it without it crumbling or cracking while drying.

You may also want to have a professional company like C&J Construction assess the pavement for effective treatment.

2) Seal the Concrete Surfaces

Seal all the exposed concrete surfaces. Apply a sealant to prevent water from seeping into your foundation and causing damage. This is also important for parking garages because it prevents oil stains, tire tracks, brake dust build-up, etc.

3) Be Proactive to Protect your Concrete Surface

During the winter season, you must take proactive measures to protect your concrete pavement. This includes cleaning the surface every week, walkways, and stairs with salt or sand to increase traction in icy conditions.

Remember to remove all ice and snow to prevent damage to the concrete surfaces. Clean weekly with salt or sand during icy conditions and remove all snow and ice from parking lots, walkways, stairs, etc.

4) Use the Right Tools

The most basic equipment you need are:

  • Shovels
  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Wheelbarrow

Additionally, remember to prepare your supplies ahead of time, such as salt, sand, etc., for walkways or stairs in icy conditions. Never forget to wear gloves! These simple tools can do wonders in keeping the surface clean from oil stains during the cold months!

Before starting any concrete work, prepare yourself with shovels (for removing snow), brooms/dustpans (to remove ice & debris), and begin maintenance procedures by following all safety precautions.

5) Ensure Efficient Drainage 

Clean your gutters before the winter season and ensure downspouts drain adequately away from walkways and entryways. Keep these channels clean of debris or snow accumulation to prevent clogs, leading to other issues like cracked concrete. Ensure your gutters provide adequate drainage for roof runoff by extending them beyond the curb/gutter (if possible). This will help keep puddles away from buildings during heavy rainfall events in the wintertime; any standing water freezes into ice, causing cracks!

With the winter season fast approaching, C&J Construction can help prepare your concrete surface for the cold weather in Tinley Park. Our proactive maintenance and repair measures will ensure your concrete surface does not wither during intense cold and stays intact.

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