Commercial Excavating

Site preparation is necessary to achieve the best results from your paving and construction projects. An essential step in site preparation is excavation. Whether you have an old deteriorated pavement that needs to be removed, or need to remove dirt to create a leveled bed at the correct depth for a building’s foundation, the solution is excavation. However, excavation can be a tricky and dangerous process, with several risks such as hitting utility lines and more. Therefore, it is a given that excavation requires professional service.

C&J Construction offers cost-effective commercial land excavating services. We deliver the desired results within the given time frame regardless of the excavation scale or the challenges that we might encounter. We develop a detailed plan to help us carry out the work effectively and deal with any problems or emergencies.

There are various methods of excavating a piece of land, such as using excavators or explosives. The technique we select for excavation depends on the project guidelines. There are many factors to consider, including the underground network of utilities, traffic, downtime effects, project deadlines, budget, and more. We provide our clients solutions that are tailored to their needs and requirements!