Storm Sewer Installation & Repair

When planning a paving project, there is one consideration that cannot be overlooked – drainage. Once the surface is paved, there is not much you can do other than start the project again from the groundwork. Integration of a proper drainage system is vital as moisture can lead to pavement failure. Thus, if you want your investment to have a long service life, you need to invest in an efficient drainage system.

C&J Construction offers storm sewer installation and repair solutions to clients in Illinois. Keeping in mind the importance of drainage for a pavement, we try to make our projects as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality of materials used or the work done. We use the best equipment and hire experts to execute each step in the paving project.

Our goal is to install a highly functional and practical storm sewer system that can drain the roads within minutes of a rainstorm. A working storm sewer will also remove all traces of melted snow and ice to minimize the effects of the freeze and thaw cycle so moisture cannot damage the pavement during fluctuating temperatures. If your storm sewers are damaged, we can carry out targeted repairs to fix the problem without disrupting the pavement!